Top-5 most frequent mistakes of our clients

Top-5 most frequent mistakes of our clients

b4s english blog main-thumbnail top-5-most-frequent-mistakes-of-our-customers
b4s english blog main-thumbnail top-5-most-frequent-mistakes-of-our-customers
b4s english blog main-thumbnail top-5-most-frequent-mistakes-of-our-customers

In this post, we have collected the top-5 most frequent mistakes that clients of B4S service make when creating, using, and configuring a shop bot.

First place: Unclear text of the shop-bot description or its complete absence

It is extremely important! The first text clients of your bot will see should clearly convey whose bot shop it is and what it sells. It will also not be unnecessary to remind the client that he needs to press the 'Start' button.

You can change this message by selecting the bot in @botfather, "Edit Bot" → "Edit Description" → send the desired text up to 512 characters long.

If your shop bot supports more than one language, you will need to write all the text in the main language or add translations.

Example of "Description" text:

This is the shop bot of the company "Choco Candy Shop"

You can order directly in the bot:
- Sets of the most delicious candies
- Craft chocolate
- Truffles and Mediants
- Assorted dragées with nuts

👇 Click the button below to open the bot

Don't forget to upload a picture or animation to that message, it will improve the first impression of your shop bot customers (@botfather → "Edit Bot" → "Edit Description picture" → send media file: picture 640x360 or GIF animation 320x180, 640x360, 960x540)

Second place: Broken UX/UI

UX is an acronym for the phrase "User Experience". UI means "User Interface".

UX, as a term detached from UI, encompasses all aspects of the end user's interaction with the company, its services and products.

Despite the fact that the B4S shop bot service and other bot constructors services already have a templated UI and stable UX, there is always room for error when setting up a shop bot.

In most cases, using the capabilities of the B4S platform to their limits can mess things up. It can be too many buttons on the keyboard, or too many categories at the same catalog level, or the first and second at the same time.

Less = better. Remove all unnecessary; create subcategories if you have many items in the catalog; show buttons in 2-3 columns maximum.

Third place: Lack of advertising and promotion

Will the car drive without gasoline? The answer is redundant. Like any other E-commerce solution, the B4S shop bot platform becomes useless without advertising. Please don't expect customers to find your Telegram shop bot by themselves.

We advise you to advertise your Telegram store in targeted channels that you already use. New customers can be obtained by placing a link to the shop bot in relevant articles or by setting up a contextual advertising campaign on Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram.

For those who have just launched their first shop bot, we recommend using Instagram to generate an audience that will be ready to buy your products. In parallel or after that, "migrate" those customers who bought the product to the shop bot with the help of promotions and discounts — so you can generate repeat sales.

Fourth place: Newsletters are too rare

After collecting the main audience in the shop bot, build communication and maintain interaction with them.

Make newsletters with promotions. "All the promotions are over or not yet scheduled" → send a newsletter with news on replenishment of your assortment of products.
"No new products in the shop bot catalog" → send a newsletter about your business.

Fifth place: Newsletters are too frequent

You may be surprised, but there are such cases in the experience of our clients. And definitely there is no surprise — loyal customers are very hard to gain and very easy to lose.

The customer will not just delete the chat with your shop bot if they get sick of it, but "stop and block" it.

"Stop and block" means that the bot will no longer be able to send messages and notifications to your clients in Telegram. Most likely, it will be forever and irreversible.

There is only one piece of advice here - know the measure and study your customers.